About The Service

Business Continuity Management is an essential process required to react and resume productive operations quickly in times of crisis. In the event of a disruption in operations or business processes, you would want your business to resume functioning without much delay. During such incidents, JKR Business Continuity Management Services will help you with quick reaction with emergency plans in place, including IT emergency protocols and recovery. Our company’s BCM consulting services are placed in lieu of international standards, and follow the best resilience methods and guidelines like those outlined by the Disaster Recovery Institute International, The Business Continuity Institute etc. These days, Business Continuity Management Services are placed in high priority by most board management, as they have shaped up to be an integral part of a business’s functioning. With efficient BCM services and IT emergency management in place, an organisation or business can considerably reduce the impact of any unexpected incidents that may happen on its property, assets, personnel, finances etc. With a robust BCM consultancy services in tow, an organisation can prepare to protect their company assets, personnel life, regulate and maintain cash flow, and retain their valuable customers.

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At JKR BCM Consultancy Services, we have a three step process to determine how mature your business is, and develop a procedure that will help in its growth. Through these shared procedures, we will work closely with you to develop emergency plans and strategies.

  • GAP Analysis: Our experienced business continuity management team will analyse your existing business aspects and IT systems and determine the maturity level of the same.
  • Improvement Planning: Our team will identify and determine the measures that need to be taken to improve your business management continuity system.
  • Implementation: Our BCM Consultancy team will work with you and show you how to establish certain management tasks to avert or handle any major disaster that may occur.

What We Offer

Risk Assessment: JKR BCM Services will conduct risk assessments using experienced, well-thought out and practiced checklists. The outcome is weighed against what is imperative for the client and the potential impact of the risk to the business.

Business Impact Analysis: When trying to determine the nature of a business, it is important to get the BIA done right. Through this, we can identify the key functions, financial strategies, and the time period within which the services need to be restored.

Designing and Documenting Strategy: JKR BCM Consultancy Services has years of experience and skill in designing, developing, and documenting business continuity management and IT emergency management, not to mention, Cyber security processes and risk analysis as well. These strategies are developed through the insights gained from analysing the functioning of the business and is distinct to that organisation.

Training, Testing, and Embedding: At JKR Business Continuity Management Consultancy, we will develop a testing protocol that will meet the strategy requirements. It will be one that is practical and can be easily followed by the staff. We will carry out effective exercises and workshops that will test the efficacy of existing plans and enhance upon them.